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As a New York Title Insurance Agency, The Seaport Title Agency was created to provide the legal profession with quality title insurance services for residential and commercial transactions in the new millennium. We believe that the role played by the title company in a real estate transaction is crucial to a successful closing experience, and, for that reason, selecting the right company is one of the more important choices an attorney will make. There are many reasons why The Seaport Title Agency is the right choice.

First and foremost, The Seaport Title Agency is dedicated to producing a well-researched, well-reasoned and user-friendly title report, but our service does not end there. We pride ourselves on our reputation for accessibility. All of our staff members are experienced, versatile and helpful. Our counsels are always available to provide clarification on legal issues and our readers provide invaluable assistance in clearing titles for closing. Our production people are quick to follow up on search requests, recording information and other matters. Our account managers are attentive to the needs of their clients and prospective clients. Our professionalism is unsurpassed, but we can offer more.

The Seaport Title Agency Ltd is licensed to act as a title insurance agent by the State of New York Department of Financial Services, and has been issued Certificates of Appointment to act as agent on behalf of Stewart Title Insurance Company, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, and WFG National Title Insurance Company. Our license number is TLA-1357105.

You will always find a friend at Seaport. It is a small, friendly, caring group of people and our greatest satisfaction is in the relationships we have cultivated and maintained over the years. We invite you to visit us at our beautiful building on the Nautical Mile and be introduced to the charms of historic Freeport's fabulous waterfront.

At the closing, the title company retained by the purchaser raised an exception regarding the prior owners. I had been advised that the title company had resolved the matter, however it had not been accomplished and I was unaware of this. I contacted your company and was provided with necessary proofs, so that the closing was not delayed. I take the time to write to you because I appreciate the services rendered by all parties concerned. Their care and consideration should not go unrecognized and I thank them for their efforts. Robert Welthy
I have known Amy Kelly since 1996, when she was counsel at First American Title Insurance Company. In 2000, Amy started doing business as Seaport Title. We were among her first customers, and I still use Seaport Title to this day. Amy has a thorough and complete knowledge of real estate and land title law. Her business acumen and land title expertise have been a strong factor in her success as an abstract company. Her honesty and integrity are above reproach, and dealing with her company, one has the total feeling of confidence that the title work will be reliable and complete and the escrows processed without error. Samuel B. Freed
Amy Kelly
President and Senior Counsel
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Jerry Leibner
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Meagan Male
Office Manager
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Manny Hernandez
Production Manager
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Ralph Greenberg
Associate Counsel
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Ernest Mendler
Senior Title Officer
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